The Convergence of Music Genres Through Covers

8 Mar 2021

Music covers are not a new phenomenon, yet they never seem to go out of fashion. Covers ensure that listeners can enjoy one track across various genres. Songs such as Kenny Rodgers' 'The Gambler' and Adele's 'Hello' have enjoyed convergence through reggae and other genre covers.

How music affects the brain

16 Dec 2019

So many of us turn to music when we feel sad, happy, lonely, in love, in grief or excited. We listen to music when we socialize as well as when we are in solitude and many claim music to be pure therapy. I always start the day with music, it's just as important to me as the morning coffee is. Why do we love listening to music so much? It's an interesting topic...

What kind of music do you prefer on your trip?

23 Oct 2019

Going on a journey, no matter where, requires you to travel by car, bus, train, flight or other vehicles. Many times, it can take several hours to arrive. Time can feel a bit slow if you just sit and do nothing. A good way to make time go by is to listen to music and then of course your own favorite music. If you want to go skiing, check out Freeride. They have information about ski resorts and ski equipment such as Salomon qst 106. Music is also a common feature in various ski resorts. Then in the form of after-ski and party.

Other things to do on your way to your destination

There are a variety of things you can do while traveling. If you have a tablet or computer with you, you can watch movies. Otherwise why not bring a book or magazines? There are also audio books if you prefer to listen to books. That means that you don’t have to carry a lot of unnecessary pounds in form of books. It is not a must to do anything all the time during the trip. You can take the opportunity to sleep for a couple of hours, so you are rested when you arrive to you destination.

Music on your destination

When you finally arrive to your destination, why not check out the local music scene? Music is a very good way to bond and get to know new people. 

True talents

3 Dec 2017

Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi are three of the great composers in history and the music they have written will stay in history forever. They were raw talents exposed to music from an early age, and with few distractions they had everything they needed to develop incredibly fast.

Talents of today don't get quite the same appreciation. Maybe someone has to die first, and then let some centuries pass..? One person I find absolutely incredible is Imogen Heap. Just look att this!

The cello

22 Oct 2017

All musical instruments are amazing and we all have our favourites. The piano is on the top of most peoples lists but other instruments divide people more than unite them, like the violon or the harmonica. One of my all time favourite instruments is the cello. When played well it evoces such intense emotions in me. It's an empowering instrument, that makes me feel strong and capable. I love 2 cellos, all the songs they play. On a mundande day I play some tracks from them and feel the inspiration level rise within.

Måns Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision 2015!

4 Jun 2015

Here it is, really good: